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about us

10 Years ago two friends set up a Christmas Fair in Dorset just south of Sherborne. The fair took place in an old family barn near Lewiston. With a drinks reception the night before attended by the great and the good of Dorset the 3 day fair was an astounding success. Featuring local crafts, food and drink, trade stands were pleased and visitors wanted more. Unfortunatly both organisers then had small babies and decided to knock the idea on the head. 

We have now taken decided to take up the reigns again and bring the market back to life but online. To celebrate Dorset and give a voice to entrepeneurs across the county. 

Designed in Dorset is an online marketplace built to promote the spledour of our green and fair county. The business is born out of the desire to encourage people to shop local and boost the local economy. We want to encourage small business owners to take on the likes of Amazon and Google and have somewhere they can trust to sell their wares. This county is full of some of the most gifted makers, builders and growers in the UK and we want to help push their products and produce to new audiences across the country and the globe.

In the first inastance we are looking for local businesses who wish to feature their wares somewhere new and exciting. Supporting a vision that encourages people to shop locally and benefit their local economy. We live in a rural part of the UK and as such believe we should be supporting makers and growers everywhere.

Sherborne Farmers Market
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The staff

We are mixed bunch based in and around Shaftesbury in the North of the county. Whilst only one of us was actually born here, we are all exceptionally passionate about and proud of our county. What we have come to realise is that so is everyone else. If you speak to anyone from outside of Dorset and explain where you live you are likely to get jealous eyebrows raised. That is why our staff are committed to the success of this project and will do everything they can to provide the best service to our vendors and customers. 

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