• You register as a vendor
  • We verify you as a Dorset business
  • You upload your branding, products and pricing
  • We market your products
  • We run a feature on you and your products
  • Customers buy your products from the Designed in Dorset website
  • We handle payment and send the order to you
  • You fulfill the order and send direct to the customer
  • We pay you less our 10% commission
  • Together we have boosted business in Dorset

What are we looking for in our vendors?

As the name suggests, we are all about Dorset. We only want the best that this county has to offer on our website. We want to build a community of like minded creators who are passionate about Dorset and ensuring we give a boost to the local economy, that means you. That inlcudes:

  • Jewellery Makers
  • Painters
  • Wood Carvers
  • Walking Stick Cutters
  • Leather workers
  • Belt Builders
  • Shirt Sewers
  • Scarf Knitters
  • Cheese Makers
  • Gin Distillers
  • Wine Makers
  • Beer Brewers
  • and many more, we hope you get the picture.
We also request that these products have been designed in or made in Dorset or for the company to be located here. 

A few of our "How to Guides"

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How to register as a new vendor.

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