How to register as a vendor

Step by Step Guide to Registering Your Business

If you are looking for a new place to promote your products, love Dorset and believe in better than this is the right place for you. We want to encourage people who live in Dorset to shop local, reduce food miles and generally celebrate all things Dorset. We also want to appeal to a much wider audience, meaning your products could be sold across the Uk and the rest of the world. Rather than rely on the likes of Amazon and Ebya, help us build something great that beenfits the county of Dorset. Don’t send 20% commissions off to the USA that don’t even get taxed in this country. We pay tax in the UK and will be giving back to Dorset along the way. 

Follow the guide below to register your business and upload products. If you have any problems please let us know.

Step 1:

Click on “My Account” at the top right hand side of the website. 

Fill in your email address and password. Select customer or vendor.
In this instance click I am a vendor
You will then be asked to add further information:
Your name
Shop Name
Shop URL – This is the Url that will appear when people look for you on Designed in Dorset

Step 2:

You will be welcomed to the marketplace. This will only take two minutes. So click Lets go…

You will then be asked how many products you want to show on each page. Just leave this at 10. Then complete the rest of the form and click continue.

Step 3:

You then need to set up your bank details. This will enable us to pay you when your order has been completed and we have removed the commission.

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